Monday, July 19, 2010

My unemployment is off to an... interesting start

On my first day of unemployment I managed to not only wake up before noon, but actually shower, put on clothes that aren't sweatpants, leave my apartment, and decamp to the local starbucks* to be moderately productive. Yay for adulthood!

Now, not wanting to be an asshole, when this older looking black man with an oxygen tank was looking around for a place to sit, I offered to share my table. I know how annoying it is when someone is taking up a table and doesn't want to share- after all, I had my headphones on, I was in the zone, it won't be a big deal to have a pal at the table.

We exchanged pleasantries about the weather (it is hot as balls) and I kept on working, sending out email after email to people who might be able to point me in the direction of gainful employment. At some point we started chit-chatting, as two people sharing a table are wont to do- he offered me his receipt that was stamped for a $2 drink as a thank you for letting him share my table, and I was like aww, sweet, you don't have to do that.

At some point he started telling me about his life, and as the conversation progressed it got very wierd, very quickly. He's telling me all about how he keeps busy, you know, with his LAWSUIT AGAINST OBAMA.

Here, in bulleted form, is a list of the forms of crazy this man talked at me about:
  • obama not being a real american
  • said president trying to 'forcibly convert' all united states citizens to Islam
  • Also, in between his busy religious activities, trying to merge the US with Mexico and Canada, thus depriving us of our sovereignty
  • the mosque being built downtown being built with billions of dollars of al qaeda money, as a monument to the vanquished world trade center

Day 2 has been much less exciting. I sent approximately five thousand emails to various MHC alums who work in film asking for informational interviews, a phrase I hate, but hopefully that will net some valuable information. I'm meeting Raygan's cousin for drinks tonight to talk about other part-time work, and tomorrow I have not one, but two interviews with temp agencies and a quasi-date! So, all in all, life, it's pretty good. Now if only I had brought a cardigan with me.

*blogger's spellcheck wants me to capitalize this. I REFUSE.

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