Monday, July 26, 2010

Did I mention that I am unemployed?

I casually referenced it when telling the story of Man Who Is Actually a Crazy Conspiracist Teabagger In Real Life, but I don't think I've elaborated for the three people who read this blog, including my parents (Hi Mom! Hi Dad!) just how I came to be haunting this starbucks instead of being at my Nine to Five.

I had long felt that I was spinning my wheels in my previous position. Between supervisor turnover, personalities not meshing, and my own lack of enthusiasm for the job I was so burnt out that I was basically an emotional wreck, left weeping and cowering, spewing gibberish and rolling my eyes in a corner every morning before heading out into the world. I said before how I uncomfortably related, through gut-busting laughter, to the Hyperbole and a Half blog post on "This is Why I'll Never Be an Adult." The way she describes her cycle of guilt and inactivity was a basically pitch-perfect portrait of the way I worked at that job.

Since leaving, however, I have achieved magical new levels of Gittin' R' Done. I have, as previously stated, managed to get out of bed every morning before noon. I have signed up with two temp agencies. I have interviewed for a part time position at a literary agency that would be BALLER, and another EVEN MORE BALLER position at a women's film organization. (The Jen Udden Wheelhouse, Let Me Show You It.) I have had some great informational interviews and I have more on the horizon. I'm basically making it work, one day at a time, like an alcoholic. (Did I mention I'm also drinking less? GO ME.)

Anyway, the immediate result of me quitting my job without having anything else lined up has been me having to give up my fabulous room in Lord Washington's Fort, the beautimous apartment I have been sharing for the past year with my pals. I'm now homeless and semi-jobless (I consider temping a job, even if I haven't actually gotten a temp job yet) but I seriously cannot describe how much happier I am. I don't dread waking up in the morning. I don't hate Sundays for their proximities to Mondays, which mean going back into the office. I'm moving on with my life and pursuing my dreams. (CLICHE ALERT.) It's too bad that the Montage of Jen Changing Her Life would be super boring and look a lot like me sitting at a table with the same watery-ass iced coffee for hour upon hour, typing!

I'm headed home to Houston this Friday, and when I quit my job I told myself that this trip could turn into a long-term one if I didn't have anything lined up in NYC. I'm starting to think that even though I don't have anything solid I have a shot at putting it together, inch by inch, cobbling together a life out of temping and part-time interning and whatever else I can scrape together. We'll see how it goes!

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aetoomey said...

i have a wildly uncomfortable couch, six flights of stairs and a head full of unrealized screen plays. YOU KNOW, JUST SAYING.