Friday, October 16, 2009

I was tall, and I was slim, and I had a leg for every limb

That title is meant to tie into the "Cannonball" theme of this post but it probably makes no sense to anyone who isn't a fan of Texas-based celtic band Clandestine. (Which, I guess, is everyone but me.)

Anyway! I'm doing the Pajiba Cannonball Read. 52 books. I'm not entirely sure if it's 52 books in 52 weeks, or 52 books as fast as my little eyes can read them. It's entirely possible that every single one of these books will be Nora Roberts or Stephanie Laurens titles that I'll have to cover in brown paper to read on the subway, just to maintain my street cred.

Anyway. I never update, duh, but things are going really, really well. Perhaps two "reallys" are an overstatement- things are going well, I'm pretty happy, and The Great Foolishness has come to a merciful end. It actually came to an end back in July, but I've been too busy to take note.

I was just about to write "anyway" again but then decided that three paragraphs beginning with the same word is re-dun-tarded. So I ain't doin it. Instead, here's a picture of Raptor Jesus:

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Nagao said...

I have no idea what any of this blog is for but I just googled those lyrics so I could hopefully find the name of a band I had heard nearly a freaking decade ago. Thank you!