Sunday, May 31, 2009

GRS (thanks, Elizabeth Bear!)

I'm sitting in the Thirsty Mind, working on the GRS (or the Giant Ridiculous Screenplay, inspired by Elizabeth Bear's Giant Ridiculous Dog.) It's coming along nicely, thanks to my installation of Freedom on my computer, which enables me to avoid temptations like writing this blog post and checking twitter every five minutes.

This has been such a nice weekend. We drove out with Miz Taylor on Friday night and I spent yesterday in a state of heavenly bliss. I took long walks, I drank my favoritest coffee in the world (Rao's!), I had lunch at Tailgate, I walked some more, I wrote some, I read some, I fell asleep in an adirondack chair. We wrapped up the night in true Mount Holyoke style, huddled under blankets watching a movie on Sarah's laptop.

Even though I've been feeling Super Nostalgic all weekend, the great thing about this visit is the nice nudge it has given me in the direction of actually moving forward with things. It's not a Grand Revelation, per se, but it is nice to know that this place will always be here, that I will have had my time in it. And that whatever I do in the future, I need to do it wholeheartedly, because though the alma mater doesn't care what I do, it does care that I am doing it with all of myself.

Oh goodness. Someone's been breaking into the self-help section again. /ridiculousness

Anyway. We drive back tonight, and tomorrow night Coraline opens for the world to see. CRAZY. It should be a fun evening!

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