Monday, June 28, 2010

Did I ever tell you that I stole it?

So I'm done with the new season of Doctor Who, having watched four episodes last night one after the other like some kind of crazy person / person with no life. I am hard pressed to think of an episode that turned me off this season- even kind of lame episodes like Vampires of Venice were better than what felt like the emo sobfest of Tennant's first season, after which I stopped watching.

Anyway, the two-part finale was absolute genius, and I think it would be impossible for me to love Matt Smith more. When he was initially cast I was suspicious of his youth (he's 27, guys! He's a CHILD!) but he has this look about him- I know, I'm going to say it, prepare yourselves- he looks like an alien. His face is wierdly ageless, with its almost complete lack of eyebrows and that ridiculous shock of hair swooping down over his brow. And he's a great actor. I think everything that I loved about Tennant's Ten was just Tennant- charm and ebullience and barely-suppressed rage. In Amy's Choice you can see every one of the Dream Lord's remarks hit home on Smith's expressive face.

"Friends. Is that your word for the people you acquire?"

It is hot as balls in my apartment right now, and since I stayed up so late last night, I think I'm going to hie my hiney to bed before I get silly.

Look at his faaaaaaaaace he's an alien!

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