Monday, June 21, 2010

Afternoon linkage

It's 5pm and my work brain has shut down for the day, so here are some Interesting Things from the Internet:

  • Sady Doyle, my new personal hero, does two fabulous and hilarious takedowns of the new movie version of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. That first one there features Amanda Hess of the Sexist! (Quote: Behold the Goofy Hat of the Ubermensch.) Also, check out Tigerbeatdown contributor Garland Grey's epic screed against Sex and the City 2.
  • I wrote about Jonah Hex, as did many Other People. Including this dude, who really sincerely loved Jonah Hex, and hated Toy Story 3. To quote his review: "Like Orpheus in the underworld, Jonah suffers knowledge of anguished life and the threat of mortality. And like the hero of Crank, Jonah fights to stay alive." Yes, those are real published words! Thanks, New York Press!
  • The Telegraph compiled a list of Britain's best 20 novelists under 40, and unlike the New Yorker list, actually includes genre writers. Win: Genre writers, Zadie Smith. Fail: their flippant dismissal of gender imbalance ("we frankly failed, if it matters, to achieve a gender balance – 13 out of the 20 are men"- emphasis mine. Yes, it matters, thanks)
  • I learned that more books than are necessary contain the phrase "Somewhere, a dog barked."
Anyway, it's the end of the day (Sweet Jesus! Hooray!) and I should get some stuff done before heading home and hanging out on the internet some more. What are you reading, nonexistent readers?

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