Saturday, June 21, 2008

Seriously, people.

When you've got four kids in tow, please make an effort to show up ON TIME for the show you've purchased tickets for. We're very glad that you are introducing little Timmy, Tanya, Tiffany, and Thomas to the theater at such a young age- but could you perhaps make an effort to get them here on time so we don't have to disturb everyone who COULD get here on time to get your ass in some seats?

Also, I know you think that little Thomas is "mature" for two, but let's face it. HE IS TWO. Child can barely walk on his own, much less sit through an hour-long piece of live theater. Three and up means three and up. And we can tell when you're lying.

And no. There are no bathroom breaks. EVER.

I love working at the theater, most of the time, but dealing with the children's theater is ridiculous- a bunch of self-absorbed yuppie parents that just can't handle their children. When I tell your kid to stop running around the lobby, don't then tell that kid to stop running. Clearly if you were concerned, you wouldn't have waited for a stranger to do your parenting for you.

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